Virtual Workshop

Accelerated CSP Transformation - How to Deliver Transformation Initiatives Smarter and Faster?

Invitation Only CSP/Operator Workshop - please apply to attend

Middle East & Africa Focus
8th September 2021
2.00-3.30 AST
1.00 – 2.30 SAST
12.00 – 1.30 BST


Europe Focus
15th September 2021
10.00-11.30 BST
11.00-12.30 CET
12.00-13.30 EET


These workshops are targeted at CSP/Operator digital transformation leaders covering the innovation, architecture, transformation, IT, technology, digital, CIO, strategy, marketing, customer and operations functions.

CSP priorities are changing. Accelerating CSP’s pace of digital transformation is a key goal, focusing on growth and multiple business models across connectivity and other services of interest to consumers and enterprises. How should CSPs prioritise their objectives of developing & shaping platforms,and new business and operating models?


1. Welcome & Introductory Comments – 2 minutes
2. Panel Discussion – Priorities Through the CSP Transformation Process – 40 minutes
– Driving growth initiatives in a better way
– Enabling operators to deliver new services for consumer, enterprise and small & midsize businesses
– 5G is creating more complexity but also more opportunities, how to make the most of 5G
– Shaping technology and operations in line with new priorities
– Digital ecosystems and platform business models
– Delivering content and media products smarter and faster
The role of service management
– Supporting revenue growth with great customer experience – the role of AI & ML in creating differentiating value and operational intelligence
3. Breakout Room Discussions & Networking – 30 minutes
The audience will be split out into several smaller groups with speakers and virtual room leaders evolving some of the key points raised from the panel discussion
4. Feedback and Closing Remarks – 15 minutes
The virtual panel leaders will bring some of the extra discussion points back together for the whole audience and pull out more key thoughts and conclusions


Nafy Diagne, Chief Digital Officer, Free Senegal
Neil McRae, Managing Director Architecture & Technology Strategy and Chief Architect, BT
Justin van der Lande, Research Director, Analysys Mason
Martina Kurth, Founder, Telco Republic
Apostolos Kallis, CCO, Etiya